le musicien banniere

Hey, here's my portfolio !

Welcome in this little cyber showroom !
Here you can listen and watch several things I've done during the last five years. It's only a part, I have several unreleased stuff.


As I grew (and still grow) my way to be a producer, songwriter, I didn't realize how many sleepless nights it would require to become a decent creative; and effective.

'Plujal' - EP (2013)

Composed during summer 2012 in a house lost in the french country side, I decided to release some of the songs as an EP, and so finished the music in my living room. For two weeks I barely saw daylight.

Some tracks I made in 2015

It's not that I've been lazy, I just don't want to post everything

Demos from my upcoming first album

Well it's way BETTER now, but it gives an idea.
Composed a year ago, I'm finally about to put a end to the process. And release the music.

Remixes I made during One Night

Remember, when I was talking about sleepless nights.

Some stuff for fun

Some old songs


As a freelance musician on websites like fiverr, you learn to create on demand, and develop fast and efficient skills to create music with restriction !


Here are artists I work with as a musician, composer, arranger, beatmaker, lyrics writer, mix engineer, and so on...

wÖRmz - indie pop rock

EP composed and recorded in my living room for a year in 2012 with Raphaël Malek and Thomas Rolin.

Dante - Rapper

Dante is a talented raper I produce.

Nokto - electro french songs 

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Here's a music video I made for my band

A music video for my song "Poor Animals" made with footage about animal cruelty

"Deux coups pour oui" is a documentary I made during a summer when I was an aid with a young fellow who's totally disabled. (After the death of him the project was put aside for a while)

Something like a biography

30 year old french indie producer, songwriter & singer.

Alone with computer and guitars, Vincent Retg makes indie pop & electro songs softly floating somewhere between The Postal Service, Apparat, Kings of Convenience, Radiohead, Four Tet, Just Jack…
As 30, Vincent has already had three very different and rich musical lives :
7-15 // Classical studies, 8 years of studying baroque recorder (!)
15-23 // Teenage years and falling in love with guitar covering songs around firecamps, nicknamed ‘jukebox’
23 – 30 // Home studio addiction and electro era. Loads of producing, tests, bugs, rebooting computers, wiring cables & experimentations. Songwriting, bands, recordings, music teaching.

Dozens of demos later, debut EP ‘Plujal’ is finally released in 2013. It invites listeners to look through themselves.
Opening tittle ‘Mr Thumb’ is dedicated to Matthieu, a mystical young man literally locked in his body after an accident, that Vincent had the chance to take care of for multiple summers. A very rare friend now gone after 12 years with only his thumb as a link to communicate. An unforgettable and inspiring person.

The music is made of nervous beat, quirky sounds, guitar rides, delicate and frenchy voice singing the inner self, lost and founds, and strangeness of this world. Everything is set and we travel in Plujal, land of anythings, the place where the music was made, the place where Mr Thumb would spend his holidays.

Right now Vincent finishes a first album, dares to gets out of his den and seeks for publishing and collaborations, rehearses a solo live set, while constantly releasing new songs and tracks on soundcloud, and recording or making music with others projects and musicians.
Besides, he teaches music in schools, plays the guitar and other stuff, composse and writes in the pop rock act ‘wÖRmz’, and other bands and he’s editing a documentary about Mr Thumb that he shot last summer, while blogging on his website lemusicien.fr . To be continued !