Me myself and I

producer, songwriter, arranger, & blogger


I'm Vincent Retg, I'm a music maker and I'd LOVE to work with you !

I'm a 31 french musician based in London (Oval) and I welcome you to this page, specially created to show you guys how motivated I am.

Everything here was home baked in my little studio

Some music I've made -mostly- for clients...

My first EP

One of my band's first album I co-produced and mixed.

Beatmaking, Remixes, Cinematic-ish demos.... a lot more music in my Soundcloud

Some Of The Videos I've Made For My Own Music

About Me

I've studied classical music in my early age, and never stopped playing music since.
As a teen I discovered the guitar then computer music & home studio. I've been the main music producer and (rather bad I guess) mixer for my different bands. Most of the time self proclaimed (by my musician friends) "the technical guy"; but I'm just a home studio nerd.
I'm a big fan of video-making as well.
I've worked as a freelance music maker for a while now; mainly with sites like fiverr. So I had my noise and ears into many different genres and projects, but I want to be part of something bigger, of something ambitious.

I'm a blogger in the french-audio/home studio/indie musician niche.

I know my way around wordpress, webmarketing and autoresponders.​

Oh and... Did I mention...


Thank you for your time guys,